Testimonials ForKateryna Davydova, Broker, Lic #01971915

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.4M in Foster City, CA.

We had been looking to buy a house in Foster City for a while. As first time home buyer, we got a lot of information about getting a buyer agent to represent us from friends. We had considered a few of agents active in Foster City but we did not make a decision until we met Kateryna.

In Nov.
2015, my wife and I came across Kateryna when we were at an open house, where she was showing the house. We talked a little bit about buying a house and life with Kateryna. My wife and I were impressed at the first moment by her personality and knowledge about the housing market in Foster City even though she just started her career not long ago; therefore, Kateryna’s first impression made us quickly think, she is the one! Then we chose her as our agent starting on Jan 2016.

After we tried a couple of offers, on April 2016 we finally bought a nice house just at the asking price with Kateryna’s hard work. Without her negotiation skills, we unlikely bought a house with compelling price in Foster City under such seller’s market in just a few months. We are very fortunate to have Kateryna as our agent. She is very warm hearted, very professional and very knowledgeable. The whole buying process was a relaxing and enjoyable journey and it was even like a sweet memory to us. Kateryna acts like our old friend even like our family member. Kateryna was aggressive in looking for the houses for us; more importantly, she knew how to protect our interest as a buyer and how to approach a house with reasonable price by negotiating with the listing agent. For every house we tried to submit an offer, she thoroughly examined the house and went through every item of the documents with us. For the house, we eventually bought, she oversaw the appraisal, inspectors and loan agents carefully and efficiently. She made sure that every step went smoothly and it was at our best interest.

There was a story, we think, which absolutely showed Kateryna was professional and she always represents her clients at their best interest. During our buying process, Kateryna was a listing agent for a house, which we all just loved so much, especially our kids. We asked if she could be a dual agent and help us get the house; instead of having the chance to make more money, Kateryna recommended another agent to represent us in that transaction. We fully understood her situation and appreciated her fairness to her clients on both buying and selling sides.

Through our own experience, we strongly recommend Kateryna to you whether you are selling your home or buying a dream house: Kateryna will always be on your side looking out for your best interest!